WHY T 810?

• optimum total vehicle weight
• three-axle chassis
• optional all wheel drive
• original rigid portal axles
• extremely high ground clearance
• modern liquid-cooled engine
• comfortable cab
• excellent handling and riding characteristics
• go-anywhere ability


Having successfully developed a medium heavy truck, the TATRA brand has re-entered the lower weight segment after several decades. The civilian design of the T 810 is based on a special military project to create a classic concept medium heavy truck. TATRA’s designers have supplemented the original ladder frame with original rigid portal axles giving the truck very high ground clearance.


This 3-axle vehicle has permanent drive on both rear axles and a shift-on-the-fly system for the front axle drive. It is fitted with a tried-and-tested liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine.


Thanks to its excellent ladder frame design solution, its ingenious original TATRA RIGID portal axles, and their excellent axle suspension and guides (including coil spring suspension on the front axle), the T 810 offers a combination of features unmatched in both on and off road segments.

两个轴距长度,即所谓的三点车身安装系统满足客户最苛刻的要求。由于它的大小和总有效载荷,TATRA 810为专门机构的安装提供了广泛的选择,使其适合在许多不同的行业和部门使用。

Two wheelbase lengths and a so-called three-point body mounting system meet the most demanding customer requirements. Thanks to its size and total payload, the TATRA 810 offers a wide range of options for the installation
of specialized bodies, making it suitable for use in many different industries and sectors.


The sophisticated and widely acclaimed vehicle design significantly optimizes operating costs and provides an excellent basis for high residual values.


SCR technology ensures perfect compliance with currently applicable EURO 5 emission standards. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the T810 offers highest driving and working comfort within its weight segment.



•辅助变速器下离地间隙为580 mm
• three drive axles in the category of medium heavy vehicles
• ladder frame with exceptional torsion strength
• TATRA RIGID portal axles
• 480 mm ground clearance under the axle housing
• 580 mm ground clearance under the auxiliary transmission
• 840 mm of cross-axle twisting between 1st and 3rd axle
• 100% climbing ability at total weight


No other vehicle in the medium heavy weight category can offer three drive axles at a total weight of 15.5 tons. This gives the T 810 exceptional handling and riding characteristics both on and off road. The portal axle design with hub reduction gear and a custom-designed solution for the axle differentials provides unmatched ground clearance of 480 mm under the axle housing. Thanks to its extraordinary capability in cross-axle twisting of up to 840 mm and excellent traction in all driving conditions, the T 810 truck is able to achieve 100% hill climbing capacity at total weight.


The bolted structure of the basic longitudinal members of the ladder frame is connected by welded cross members at
the front and rear. Side and rear guards meeting regulatory requirements for public road operation are installed on the frame as standard. With a ramp angle of 132 degrees or 138 degrees (according to wheelbase variations), a front and rear approach angle of 37 or 35 degrees respectively, and a step-crossing ability of 600 mm, it is clear that the T 810 is an absolute class leader. The T 810 can be optionally equipped with a tried-and-tested single-circuit or dual-circuit tire inflation system controlled by the driver.



• WABCO air disc brakes on all axles
• front axle coil spring suspension
• excellent front and rear axle guiding
• powerful liquid-cooled engine
• high maximum speed
• trailer weight of up to 12 t
• total weight of vehicle combination of up to 27.5 t

T810载重汽车的基本特点之一是在各种工况下的安全稳定行驶。高性能发动机(198 kW/270 hp)完全符合底盘随时提供高牵引力的能力。这归功于TATRA刚性门户桥,特别是他们的安装和悬挂。

Safe and stable driving in all conditions is one of the fundamental characteristics of the T 810 truck. The highperformance engine (198 kW/270 hp) is entirely consistent with the chassis’ ability to offer a high degree of traction at all times. Credit for this goes to the TATRA RIGID portal axles, especially their mounting and suspension.



The front rigid portal axle with gear ratio 2.294 and the hub reduction gear 2.437 is equipped with an electropneumatically controlled axle differential lock and WABCO disc brakes. The axle is guided by the upper pair of longitudinal guide rods and the lower triangular suspension anchored to the vehicle frame. It is suspended by coil
springs with telescopic shock absorbers, hydraulic stop, and a torsion stabilizer. Thanks to this solution, the entire
steering system does not produce uncomfortable steering wheel drag when overcoming longitudinal and transverse ground unevenness – a problem which is normal for other design solutions.


The central and rear TATRA RIGID portal axles form a tandem pair. Both axles are equipped with electropneumatically
controlled axle differential locks and WABCO disc brakes. In addition, the inter-axle differential with electro-pneumatic lock and rear axle drive outlet are situated in the central axle housing. The tandem pair is guided by six longitudinal guide rods anchored to the vehicle frame and suspended by a pair of sixteen-leaf springs.


The T 810 has a high maximum speed of 106 km/h without a limiter and 85 km/h with a limiter, ensuring that the truck can operate very efficiently on roads of all categories. A high degree of stability is also maintained in a vehicle
combination with a 12 t trailer and a total weight of up to 27.5 t.



• total weight 15.5 tons
• high chassis payload 8.5 tons
• single wheels on all axles
• low ground pressure
• R20’’ or R22.5’’ tires
• compact dimensions
• EURO 5 emission specifications


A consistent focus on the customer has stimulated highly elegant solutions to problems which designers used to just have to accept and work around. The total weight of 15.5 tons combined with the 8.5 t chassis payload means that the vehicle can be deployed in situations where other vehicles cannot cope and so often have to face high damage repair costs (due to damage often caused to private property). The T 810 offers ingenious solutions for working with electrical power lines, various types of pipelines, other types of technical infrastructure and utility operations. A medium heavy vehicle which handles excellently on both paved and unpaved roads, the low specific pressure of the T 810 significantly reduces ground compaction. There is a clear difference in total weight and number of axles compared to existing design solutions. The high utility value of the T 810 eliminates many of the costs of remediating land after work is completed.


根据操作类型,车辆可以配备365/80 R20”或385/65 R22.5”轮胎,允许优化的操作效率水平。这代表了对客户需求的另一个积极响应。

Depending on the type of operation, the vehicle can be fitted with 365/80 R20” or 385/65 R22.5” tires, allowing
for optimized operating efficiency levels. This represents another positive response to customer requirements.


Thanks to the small vehicle dimensions and the chassis equipped with a specialized superstructure, operators are able to work under severe space limitations, whether in the field or in densely populated urban areas. The optimum size of the T 810 enables it to fit into restricted spaces without occupying more than the necessary area.


Another significant aspect of the T 810 is that it has environmentally friendly parameters. The vehicle complies
fully with current EURO 5 emission standards applicable to diesel engines, and pollutant emissions are minimized during vehicle production itself.


Configuration Options

• two wheelbase variants: 3,150 mm and 3,540 mm
• variable placement of accessories
• wide range of functions while maintaining optimum dimensions
• three-point mounting system for superstructures
• a complete solution available directly from the manufacturer


Longitudinal members of the vehicle ladder frame with multiple holes allow for the variable location of accessories
such as the fuel tank, battery box, tool boxes, AdBlue tanks and other components. The frame has welded cross members allowing for superstructure installation using a so-called three-point mounting system to maintain off-road vehicle characteristics without damaging the superstructure. The recommended system enables a superstructure to be fitted to the vehicle frame at two fixed points and one swivel point. Parts for superstructure installation are supplied as a part of the chassis within optional equipment or accessories -consoles with pins for mounting on auxiliary cross membersand mounting angles.


Two wheelbase variants, 3,150 mm or 3,540 mm, create enough space to fit the chassis with specialized superstructures, including high assembly platforms, hydraulic cranes and large box applications. The option to fit the T 810 truck with up to three PTOs enables a wide variety of superstructures to be attached.



•Tatra Service PlusTM
• classic vehicle concept
• proven drive train units
• disc brakes with adapter
• SCR technology
• Tatra Service PlusTM
• optimized operating costs


Experienced R&D staff, a skilled workforce with wideranging know-how, high-quality working practices and the uncompromising selection of individual components – these are the cornerstones of this robust and reliable medium
heavy vehicle with classic chassis design.

三轴TATRA 810采用现成的组件,其制造商的耐久性已经过多年的系列生产证明,连同彻底测试和复杂的内部设计元素携带明确无误的Kopřivnice工程学院签名。一个简单和高效的解决方案的典型例子是独特的TATRA刚性门轴,为车辆和它的所有者提供附加值。在这类车辆中,盘式制动器安装在所有车轴上是一种非常罕见的设计解决方案,但适配器系统将服务时间降至最低,提高了成本效益。

The three-axle TATRA 810 incorporates ready-made assemblies from other manufacturers whose durability has been proven over many years of serial production, together with thoroughly tested and sophisticated in-house design elements carrying the unmistakable signature of the engineering school’ of Kopřivnice. Typical examples of an
elegant, simple and highly efficient solution are the unique TATRA RIGID portal axles, which provide added value to the vehicle and its owners. The mounting of disc brakes on all axles is a very rare design solution in this vehicle category, but the adapter system cuts servicing times to a minimum, increasing cost-effectiveness.


简单和直接性也反映在SCR技术的使用中,以满足欧元的5个排放规范。 在排气缩小的排气下游的系统中的应用是优雅,广泛使用和高度可靠的溶液。

Simplicity and directness are also reflected in the use of SCR technology in order to meet EURO 5 emission specifications. The application of a system working downstream from the exhaust downtake of a liquid-cooled engine dosing the AdBlue agent is an elegant, widely used and highly reliable solution.

所有底盘和驱动火车设计组件都设计用于长寿生活,并提供高安全系数。由于使用广泛和先进的车辆设计组件,因此提供了广泛的服务网络如发动机,传动,盘式制动器,电子系统等。 真正的备件可以提供授权服务中心。

All chassis and drive train design assemblies are designed for a long service life and provide a high safety coefficient.
An extensive service network is available due to the use of widespread and advanced vehicle design assemblies
such as the engine, transmission, disc brakes, electronic systems and others. Genuine spare parts are available at all
authorized service centers.


High-quality production values and sophisticated solutions are reflected in the vehicle’s long service life, which has
a direct impact on operating costs. Exceptional driving characteristics and high utility values are consistent with optimized purchase costs. Thanks to its high operating efficiency, excellent durability in the toughest conditions
and higher residual values, the T 810 leads to high quality opportunities of vehicle purchase financing. The T 810 embodies TATRA’s emphasis on customer focus, as users can easily configure the truck according to their specific needs and type of operation.


To ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction, all T 810 trucks are automatically included in the Tatra Service PlusTM program that guarantes highest servicing standards.




Six-cylinder, inline, liquid-cooled engine with Common Rail injection, electronically controlled, turbocharged, charge-air cooled, EURO 5 (SCR) emission specifications, maximum output 198 kW/270 hp at 2,300 rpm, maximum torque 1,000 Nm within the range 1,200 to 1,700 rpm.(六缸直列液冷发动机,共轨喷射,电控,涡轮增压,增压-风冷,欧盟5 (SCR)排放标准,2300 rpm时最大输出198 kW/270 hp, 1200 – 1700 rpm范围内最大扭矩1000 Nm。)
Single-plate clutch with a diaphragm spring, hydraulic air-assisted control, 395 mm diameter plates, SAE 2.(带膜片弹簧的单片离合器,液压空气辅助控制,板直径395mm, SAE 2。)
Transmission变速器Six-speed manual mechanical transmission ZF 6S 1000 T0, controlled by means of bowden cables with compressed air booster.(6速手动机械变速箱ZF 6S 1000 T0,采用波登电缆控制,压缩空气增压。)
Auxiliary transmission
Two-speed ZF Steyer VG750, electro-pneumatically controlled at standstill, optional connection of the front axle wheel drive.(双速采埃孚施泰尔VG750,静止时电控气动控制,前桥轮驱动可选连接。)
Power take-off
Transmission PTO, outlet through the rear transmission face, number of outlets upon request, maximum number of outlets – three.(传输PTO,出口通过后方传输面,出口数量根据要求,最大出口数量-三个。)
Left-hand power steering ZF, EEC 79.(左侧动力转向ZF, EEC 79。)
Rigid structure, TATRA RIGID portal axles with hub reduction gears, axle differential locks and an inter-axle differential lock for the rear axles.(刚性结构,TATRA刚性门轴与轮毂减速齿轮,轴差速器锁和后轴间差速器锁。)
Axle design
Axle gear 2.294, hub reduction gear 2.437, maximum load: front axle 6 t, rear dual axle 2×7 t.(半轴齿轮2.294,轮毂减速器2.437,最大负载:前桥6t,后双桥2×7 t。)
Drive type
6×4 or 6×6, shift-on-the-fly front axle drive.(6×4或6×6,动态换档前桥驱动。)
Single tires on all axles, size 365/80 R20’’ or 385/65 R22.5’’.(所有轴上的单一轮胎,尺寸365/80 R20 “或385/65 R22.5 “。)
20-11 SDC or 22.5×11.75.(20-11 SDC或22.5×11.75。)
EEC 13, four independent brake systems (operating, emergency, parking and retarder), WABCO dual circuit service disc brake pneumatically controlled, ABS with an off-road switch mode, automated load control, air dryer, automated load control of brake pressure regulation.(EEC 13,四个独立的制动系统(操作,应急,停车和减速),WABCO双回路服务盘式制动器气动控制,ABS具有越野开关模式,自动负载控制,空气干燥器,自动负载控制,制动压力调节。)
Suspension Front
Front axle: coil springs with telescopic shock absorbers with a hydraulic stop and a torsional stabilizer. Rear axles: leaf springs, axle guide – front pair of upper guide rods and lower triangular suspension anchored to the vehicle frame, rear axle with six longitudinal guide rods anchored to the vehicle frame.(前轴:螺旋弹簧与伸缩减震器与液压停止和扭转稳定器。后桥:钢板弹簧、轴导向-前对上导向杆和下三角悬架锚定在车架上,后桥用6根纵向导向杆锚定在车架上。)
220 l for fuel with a lockable filler cap, 20-liter AdBlue tank.(220升的燃料与一个可锁定的油箱,20升的AdBlue油箱。)
Maximum speed
85 km/h with a speed limiter (technical maximum speed 106 km/h).(85公里/小时带限速器(技术最高速度106公里/小时)。)
Cab 驾驶室Cab over engine, all-metal, three-seat (1+2), tilting, seat belts on all seats, dependent heating, suspended and adjustable driver’s seat, passenger double seat with storage space underneath.(引擎驾驶室,全金属,三座位(1+2),可倾斜,所有座位上的安全带,依赖加热,悬挂和可调节的驾驶员座位,乘客双座座椅下面有存储空间。)
Optional equipment – independent heater, air conditioning, electrically operated side door windows, electrically operated winch Ramsey RE 12,000, Central Tire Inflation System controlled by the driver, up to three transmission PTOs, optional trailer connect with a pneumatic supply and control branch and links to the trailer ABS system.(可选设备-独立加热器,空调,电动操作侧门窗户,电动绞车Ramsey RE 12,000,中央轮胎充气系统由司机控制,多达三个传输pto,可选拖车连接气动供应和控制分支,并连接到拖车ABS系统。)